• Heather Patton

Top 5 Questions When Selling a House

Selling your home can be a stressful, lengthy, emotionally-fraught, and even expensive process. Here is a list of the most common questions prospective home sellers have, and tips to make the best out of this experience.

1. How Long Will My House Stay on the Market?

Currently, homes in the United States last 60 days before selling. However, many factors can cause variety in this number, like time of year, availability of other homes in your immediate area, your location, and, of course, the price. Be sure to track what similarly-sized homes in your area have recently sold for so you can price your home accordingly to minimize the amount of time it takes to get an offer.

2. What Do I Have to Disclose?

To be on the safe side, disclose everything. Besides the obvious cases like damaged pipes, a leaky roof, or excessive radon contamination, prospective buyers will also want to know about issues. You certainly want to avoid legal troubles down the road, so be sure that all of your bases are covered.

3. What Should I Look for in a Realtor?

Your relationship with your realtor will be an important one, as this person will be negotiating on your behalf behind-the-scenes and working overtime to find potential buyers for you. To maximize your chance of selling your home for the best price, look for someone experienced not just in real estate, but in the specific area where you’re looking.

4. How Can I Make My Home Attractive to Potential Buyers?

First impressions matter! Make sure that there are no broken things around the house, that all of your light switches work, and remove clutter from the kitchen table. Give your home a deep clean, and consider setting out flowers or other decorations to make it inviting and welcoming. Take down personal picture so buyers can see themselves in the home and not you. Also, clean off all kitchen counters and bathroom vanities, declutter closets. And be sure to get out of the house during the showing so the prospective buyer can comfortably form their own opinions without worry of offending you.

5. How Much Will It Cost to Sell My Home?

The most common costs of selling your home include your real estate agent’s commission, transfer and capital gains taxes, the cost of repairs as the result of inspections, and potential attorney fees. Hopefully, your efforts will pay off and you’ll get a great price for your home!

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